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7pls ACO

Fully customizable design and manufacture according to customer requirements and spaces used in accordance with international standards

We've Reached Over 140Lm/W

Lighting products are improving in quality, price, and most excitingly, in the amount of light output per unit of power and this means more energy savings and less environmental harm per useful unit of light. While this last feature about useful output of light is commonly referred to as ‘efficiency,’ that is a misnomer. The amount of light put out per unit of power is actually a measure of efficacy.

Why ACO? Our Benefits

The Best CCT

The whole range of color temperature

The Highest CRI

All of The ACO products are over >80

140 Lm/W

Rising Lm/W, Following the latest technology...

80% More Efficient

The latest Design technologis & solutions

Green & Environment Friendly

Non-Toxic Materials, Recycleable


Aco modules and drivers are fully compatible with controllers

Up To 5 Years Guarantee & Service In All I.R.I