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Arian cohan is enjoying 10 years of design, development and production of LED lighting. Our distinctive attitude in creativity and innovation, along with simplicity and quality enables us to compete with various foreign brands. Currently employing foreign products in Iran's construction projects, fails to establish a balance between cost, quality, and investment return; we have set about changing it. At Arian Cohan, we have addressed the architects' , consultants' , project managers' and producers' concern regarding the need for efficient products and have initiated an innovative approach towards custom made LED panels, modules and light engines.

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It takes strong leadership to produce exceptional results. Our management team is committed to leading our organization according to high standards of integrity and accountability. We believe talent is essential to our success, and are proud to have some of the most talented experts in the industry.

Fab Lab

Our Fab Lab is an advanced workshop space for rapid prototyping and computer-based design. We encourage our team to become makers by being involved the entire design process.

Light Clinic

At ACO Light Clinic® we solve your lighting dilemmas by efficiently replacing old and obsolete light sources with modern LED light engines without the need to purchase new housings. Even a small change in the arrays of lights can make a big difference in illuminance and power consumption.

R & D

Our R&D center is based in our corporate headquarters so that our research professionals can be integrally involved in high-level company decisions. Staying up-to-date with the global market and regulatory requirements, ACO continues to lead the market with the development of new  products, to suit the needs of all customers.

Designing Group

At ACO we are an experienced and passionate group of designers, developers, project managers and artists. Innovation and originality is our sole goal in creating beauty and quality.

Customer Service

From the very first steps of calculation and design to prototyping and production, our design and engineering team engage our customers in the process, never leaving their side even after the project being completed. Our after sales services include a 5 year guarantee and semi-annual checking.


sponsership of ILDC 2014 (2nd Iranian Lighting Design Conference)

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